In this ever changing times, our basic human needs have changed from 'Roti, Kapada and Makaan' to 'Butter Roti, Branded Kapada and Luxurious Makaan'. But these new age life
goals are difficult to achieve as earning money is getting tougher day by day. Everybody knows that there is a huge earning opportunity in Stock Market but don’t know how to grab it.
What if, getting that huge money becomes Safe and Effortless? We at Vitamin M do just that by providing a ADVANCED ‘Buy-Sell’ software – “MAGIC”.

The world is changing very fast. Automation or Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to control every aspect of our life very soon. For example: Google Self Driving car, a car which
self drives and takes you places while you sip a cup of coffee, is already a reality.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have designed a Advanced Buy-Sell software 'MAGIC' for all Stock Market investments/trading. MAGIC software has brought power of
Wall Street to Main Street. MAGIC gives you Entry, Exit, Stop loss and Target prices precisely so that you have to use your minimum brains. Moreover, you can grow your money
up to 4x times in just one year!

You can achieve Financial Freedom and achieve all your life goals like luxury house, luxury car, foreign vacations and best education for your kids. Benefits are endless...

MAGIC has made Stock Market investment a ‘Child’s Play’ now. Nothing could be more simpler than this. No surprise that our youngest student is of just 16 years and eldest is
78 years!

YOU CAN BE RICH TOO using our Advanced Buy-Sell Software – MAGIC.

Join our ‘Life Transforming’ programs to earn in Lakhs – Easy, Safe and Smart Way!


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Our Life Transforming Programs


Middle Class to Millionaire

Middle Class to Millionaire

We have made Stock Market investment a 'Child's Play'. Use our Advanced 'Buy-Sell' Software - MAGIC for all decision making and grow your money up to
4x times in just one year EFFORTLESSLY!

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Roz Khelo Roz Kamao

Roz Khelo Roz Kamao

Learn to earn 2% to 20% everyday without keeping your positions overnight in volatile market using very very simple techniques!

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Singham of Stock Market

Singham of Stock Market

"Complete Hand Holding" for one full year by none other than Nayan Shah himself ! The mentees can gain experience of 10 years in just one year and become 'Singham of Stock Market'.

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About the Mentor, Nayan Shah

My Mission : To Make Everyone’s Rest Of Their Lives Best.

  • He is India's one and only Wealth–Wisdom-Wellness (3W) coach
  • He is an Experienced Stock Trader, Passionate Trainer, Story Teller, Visionary and a Humble Human Being!
  • Nayan Shah is a certified trainer, a finance professional and a life coach at heart.
  • He is active in the stock market since 2007 and has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycles since then.
  • Founder & CEO at Vitamin M trading Institute.
  • He has trained 4000+ individuals across India and overseas so far.

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