Singham of Stock Market (SOS)



Being a professional Trader/Investor is not only about learning the tools & techniques but also about going through personal transformation. It is not WHAT YOU DO but WHAT YOU ARE. It is not about having money but about being wealthy. By being wealthy, we not only mean an abundance of money but also an abundance of time, health, love, relationships and happiness.

This program means "Complete Hand Holding" for one full year by none other than Nayan Shah himself !This mentorship program is extract of Nayan Shah’s 10 years of rich experience in Stock market. The participants of this program can gain experience of 10 years trading life in just one year and become a PRO! Mentorship program is a short cut to become a Market Pro!

This program ensures outward as well as inward development of mentees. Mentorship program develops the skills and a belief system required to identify and grab the market opportunities. It develops independent, confident and professional investor / trader who deserve to be successful in the market.

My Goal is to teach my mentees, not only the analytical & execution skills of trading but also to build a happy & resilient character, able to digest huge successes as well as to absorb shocks and bounce back stronger than before – like a true Professional!

Duration : 1 Year

First 6 months
  • Training in Basic and Advance Technical analysis
  • Continuous guidance to master the Art of TA
  • Training on Derivatives Market strategies to minimise risks and maximise returns
  • Focus on personal transformation
  • Building psyche of a successful investor/ trader
  • Paper trading and review
  • Actual trading/investing after certain criteria is met
Next 6 months
  • Developing successful trading strategy and plan that suits the personality
  • Actual trading under the guidance of mentor
  • Progressive improvements in trading plan and strategies
  • Mastering the trading art – Focus on execution
  • Monthly Assessment and review of the progress
  • Unique Life Changing processes using Mind programming techniques to help boost confidence and beliefs
Exclusive Contents of the SOS Program
  • 4 pillars of life: Money, Health, Relationship and Happiness
  • How to achieve success in stock market systematically?
  • How to achieve consistency in your trades?
  • How to achieve work-life balance?
  • Four mantras of super duper success
  • Vibration spectrum chart
  • How to be a money magnet?
  • Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.
  • How to overcome anger, anxiety, disturbances & depression?
Key Highlights
  • Continuous support and guidance through Personal meetings on specified days of weeks
  • Free entry to all seminars conducted throughout the year
  • Online Support
  • Special WhatsApp group of the participants for guidance
  • Live market sessions for those who seek live market guidance


1 Year


Rs. 4,99,000 Including GST

Mode of Payment

Cash / Cheque / Debit Card /
Credit Card / Net Banking

  • Participant should have attended our M2M and R2K2 programs.
  • Clear the personal interview before the enrollment
  • Bank Details
    • Current A/C Name : Shubh Trading
    • Bank :
    • A/C No. : 124405000709
    • IFSC Code : ICIC 0001244
    • Branch : Vikas Paradise, Bhakti Marg, Mulund(W), Mumbai-400080.
Mode of Payment
  • Cash/ Cheque / Credit Card / Debit Card / Net banking / RTGS / NEFT / IMPS

Whichever payment method you decide to use, kindly send a confirmation SMS with the following payment details to Mobile number: 98209 79792. It will make easier for us to track your payment.

  • NEFT Transaction id or cheque number
  • Your name, amount paid, Date of transaction
  • Cash or Cheque deposit (it would be great if you could send a photo of the cash deposit slip or cheque)
  • In which ICICI bank branch did you deposit Cash

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