Our course is very advanced & produces accurate results. Accuracy of our system is upto 90%, whereas traditional courses don't give more than 30 - 40% accuracy. Secondly, we enroll limited students per batch, so one gets full attention during the course. Our goal is quality, NOT quantity...

Yes. We will try our best to make you an expert even if u don't have any prior knowledge.

Anybody who wants to earn in lakhs - easily, safely and in a smart way must join this course.

Accuracy of this system is upto 90% whereas courses offered by others have accuracy of maximum 40%.

No. We cover only those tools which will give you accurate entry & exit. We make your decision making faster & easier. So keep it simple, you will make money.

Sorry. No bargain & No discount...We provide life long technical support. The cheap course works out to be very costly once you lose lakhs of rupees based on that outdated knowledge.....So when you are investing your hard earned money, don't look at the difference of few thousands in course fee. We, Indians have grown out of the cheap-cheaper-cheapest buying psyche of the '80s & '90s. It is better to spend a little more & join a course which gives you better value for money !!!

Yes. We offer a discount of Rs.1000/head.

Yes. The course is designed in such a way that you need to give 10 - 15 minutes everyday in off market hours without leaving your present job. So you can have the best of both the worlds!!!

Many traders cut corners and try to trade without good trading education and use cheap or free trading software. Others over trade and lose any profits they may have made or risk too much money on a single trade, again because of the wrong education.

We have used several different trading software packages, but our choice and a favourite among our students is definitely the software provided by us. We know some training companies promote their own software while others suggest you don't even need one, but we disagree. In-house, basic or free software will never have the functionality or ease-of-use of a professionally designed trading software package. We think trading should be simple, so having a package which is reliable and easy to use is essential.

There's no minimum required to open many trading accounts. You may find that it is difficult to take out every trade you'd like to if you have a small account (5000 to 10000), but another advantage of currencies are there are accounts where you can trade very small amounts indeed. In fact, while you're learning to trade this is a good idea for everyone as you can learn your technique without risking too much capital. You can add to it later as your confidence and understanding grows.

Academically, so long as you can add, subtract and divide then you can learn to trade. It's quicker if you can do this in your head, but calculators are allowed! If you remember from school about moving averages and standard deviations you'll have a bit of a head-start but if you don't, don't worry – you don't actually have to calculate anything as our Trading Tools do it all for you automatically. So long as you understand the concepts (which we always explain fully to you) you'll be fine. However, if trading was that easy everyone would be doing it. Unless you get proper training, you will probably blow your trading account within a few weeks or months. This happens to most people who enter the market without a solid understanding of the markets. You need to learn proper strategies, proper money management and have proper support while you learn the psychological lessons of the markets.

We can’t speak for other courses, but our students are all able to trade well within a months. It takes a little longer to really make good returns, and that will vary from person to person and their time commitment. Our most successful students have made good profits within about 3 months, but others have taken longer.

New traders are under the illusion that complex systems are better than simple ones. A busy and cluttered system has too many elements that can be easily broken. Simple trading systems are easier to understand and use and will always provide a greater chance of success than a difficult system or even a black box for that matter.

Yes and no. Once you have built up your trading account and the annual return is equal to or greater than your current salary then you are in the enviable position to retire from your job if you so choose. However, you will not receive a set amount every month. Sometimes the markets can go weeks without offering a good trade. We have found over the last ten years, in times of boom or bust, we get one really good “long term” excellent trading period and 2-3 good “medium term” trading periods a year. So the money management skills you learn as a trader need also to apply in your personal life – to take the very good with the not so good.

Yes. We provide life long guidance through email.

Our course is to the point & result oriented. So two days of time will be sufficient to learn Technical Analysis.