About Nayan Shah

About the Mentor, Nayan Shah

An Experienced Stock Trader, Passionate Trainer, A Story Teller, A Visionary And A Humble Human Being!

He is India’s One and Only Wealth-Wisdom-Wellness (3W) coach with a mission to help you discover your path to prosperity and success in all areas of your life – Financial, Mental & Emotional.

An Experienced Trader

Nayan shah has been trading in the stock market since 2007 and has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycle from the past 10 years. He has experience of trading in Indian Futures & Options, commodities & currency markets.

Vitamin M trading Institute was established in the year of 2007 by Nayan Shah for conducting stock market trainings. Being Continuous learner in all areas of life, he is also master practitioner of all advance studies related to financial markets.

Hailing from Engineering and Finance background, he enjoys making living out of stock trading. He is helping to create wealth for many by sharing his knowledge & experience which he has learnt from his ups & downs, self-study & years of watching live market action.

A Skilled Trainer

Nayan Shah started conducting workshops on stock market trading since 2007. Till date Vitamin M has trained 4000+ individuals across India and overseas and has touched lives of many people through its highly impactful range of Audio & Video training programs. Be it housewives or HNI’s or blank slates or experienced traders, his seminars have benefitted all. He has been and is a life transforming mentor to many.

Nayan Shah has also instituted a mentoring program to equip and develop the finer skills of financial markets trading for individual participants and enable them to convert their past failures into success stories. The comments and feedback of participants are a testimony to Nayan Shah’s caliber and popularity as an effective trainer.

A Story Teller

A rare combination of an experienced trader and a passionate trainer, Nayan Shah articulates complex concepts in the simplest language for the benefit of the audience. He has the capability to connect the dots and weave stories that not only enlightening but are also interesting and entertaining for the participants.

Nayan Shah’s astute observations and elaboration of fundamentals appeal to both novices and experienced traders. His narration of his own experiences – the many mistakes & subsequent learning, market ups and downs, behind the curtain stock stories, real-life analogies make the seminars insightful.

Nayan Shah’s personal interest and exceptional training skills ensure that each session is full of energy, sparing no moment for boredom for the participants. His seminars are full of interactive exercises where participants get to share their own experiences, knowledge sessions, and Q&A rounds, keeping them engaged enthusiastically throughout the session.

A Visionary

Nayan Shah has a vision to leave this world with much more than just his family, namely love, happiness & peace in everyone.

He has a vision to empower people to attain the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline required to utilize the innumerable opportunities in the financial markets to build wealth and contribute for the betterment of society.

A Corporate Leader

Nayan Shah has an excellent academic record with a Degree in Engineering and finance. He is a truth-seeker at heart, a friend and guide to thousands in India and overseas. He is an Inspirational Speaker and Corporate Trainer.

Passionate Trader & Trainer, Mentoring Many!!!


Not only is Nayan Shah a great teacher but insights from Nayan Shah's training has been greatly useful for me

Mr. Jignesh Pandya

Thank you for sharing your 10+ years of experience through this platform

Mr. Arun Nair

Many friends have tried to explain derivatives to me and failed. This class worked! Thanks.

Mr. Basant Thapa

I am amazed that you have decided to share this invaluable knowledge and I thank you for this

Mr. Jayesh Bhanushali

Nayan Shah, you are a wonderful teacher!

Mr. Himanshu Seth

One of the Best courses I have undergone. Can’tthink of any improvements. Keep up the good show

Mr. Jayesh Soni

This course is truly a real Eye-opener

Mr. Naushad

The course is excellent, topics well covered and all doubts cleared

Mr. Purandhar

Very complex concept made very easy by Nayan Shah! As usual terrific job!

Mr. Sagar Asrani

Very informative seminar. Must attend for individual with strong desire to know and obtain exposure to Stock market concepts

Mr. Savio Fernandes

Your approach was very good towards giving and teaching.

Mr. Shiva Iyer

Fantastic, Brilliant, Superb!

Sunil Nair

Very much thankful for sharing your tricks of trade, while making it very simple with examples.

Mr. Viren Ranawat

I strongly got excited after attending this seminar. Too good to meet Mr. Nayan Shah

Mr. Yogesh Mansaramani

Very good course and conducted in very nice manner. Explanations and study can’t get better than this!

Mr. Jatin Shah

Now I will be able to look at market with better angle. This course was very useful

Mr. Amit Kathuria

A BIG THANK YOU for introducing me to Stock Market.Today was one of the best days I have seen.

Mr. Ashwin Panchal